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The life and fortunes of the Sports Club Concordia started exactly 10 February 1921. The founder, director and animator of the Club's name was Alberto Seccaroni and united with him in the historical enterprise were Gino Altieri and Pietro Cortesini who were also among the first to wear the shirts orange - green in pioneering competitions. 

With them were also of Vittorio Di Mario and Ugo Calcagno for the creation of what would be the first partnership in Central - South Italy for propaganda and practice of cycling through levers which youth were offered a real school for discipline and technique. The spark of inspiration in the fascinating project was already far away in 1914, when, just for fun, the same Seccaroni was among the original promoters of a "Fun Club Concordia" which ambitions were limited to sightseeing trips out of town. 

With the outbreak of the war, the Club soon dissolved in the echo of the first sensational bulletins and the first battles. 

In February of 1921, the idea was revived and made bravely, with few resources but infinite passion. 

Among the first axis there were the Averard brothers (Giovannino, regional champion and Mario), the aforementioned Altieri and CortesiniEdoardo Seccaroni (brother of Alberto, the compartment champion), Filipperi Egidio De Giorgis («commercianti» champion) and "Toticchio" De Santis, who, sixteen year old was the resounding winner of one of the first organized races, the GP Ludovisi

In 1923 the headquarters was moved to Via Baccina, off Via dei Serpenti, and began the exploits of brothers Attilio and Galletti Giannetti

In 1925, the address changed again to take refuge in the Galletti brewery in Via Manin, but only for a short time; just a year later it was installed in the large basement of Via Leonardo Da Vinci 26. 

The brilliant development of the Club (which had meanwhile been forced to change its name to Sports Club) will last unchallenged until 1932, not neglecting the organization of races runners, including the first race of waiters.


We must remember, to complete the picture of pre-war period, the names of those who were still the best students of the "Concordia" and Louis SurianoGino MosaicsJohn Centi and Luigi Pecoraro. A place of honor is also to be accorded to a famous quartet of runners that from 1934 to 1936 represented a nearly unbeatable team: Elio Rimedio (current coach of the amateur), Enrico UccelliniPirandello and Colantuoni

After the sad period of the Second World War, the Sports Club Concordia finds his or her full energies renewed and develops its programs. 

From a flourishing nursery have come outOrlando Olivieri (these having won the title of regional champion later in 1945, he participated at the Giro di Lombardia finishing in fifth place), Mario Gentili (who was Italian cycle-cross champion), Lamberto ProiettiFerdinando Salimbeni and Giuseppe Gilberti that realized for about four years a lot of victories in turn. Than Livio TrippiniFranco Micozzi , Giovanni Campioni and Sergio Carloni

Latest products Pietro Mastrofrancesco and Aldo Astuti.

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