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Shimano ultegra 8170

Shimano ultegra 8170

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The all-new SHIMANO ULTEGRA R-8170 groupset offers the power transfer that Shimano riders love, but with even more crank length options.



SHIMANO ULTEGRA HOLLOWTECH II FC-R8100 172.5mm 2x12-speed crankset
ULTEGRA's new FC-R8100 crankset offers the same quick, precise chainring changes and efficient power transfer that Shimano riders love, but with even more crank length options. With lengths from 160 to 175 mm, ULTEGRA cranks are now also aimed at smaller cyclists, triathletes and those who want to try shorter cranks.
An integral part of Shimano's new 12-speed road line, the FC8100 crankset builds on the legendary efficiency of Shimano chainring and drivetrains. With new refinements for high-smooth 12v shifting, the ULTEGRA crank offers more performance and compatibility for smaller riders, triathletes and riders with specific biomechanical requirements.

- Optimal balance between rigidity, robustness, weight and rotation efficiency.
- HOLLOWGLIDE construction reduces weight but maintains strength, for better power transfer and faster, more precise chainring changes

Left and right levers for DUAL CONTROL 2x12-speed hydraulic disc brakes SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 ST-R8170-L and ST-R8170-R
Road cycling has never been so much fun. This is because the new ULTEGRA ST-R8170 DUAL CONTROL levers have completely new ergonomics, with even more precise brake modulation and wireless electronic shifting.
The new Shimano ULTEGRA ST-R8170 brake levers offer better modulation and control, thanks to Shimano's proven SERVO WAVE technology. The all-new Di2 platform, used on both DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA, delivers our fastest, most reliable wireless shifting. Your time in the saddle is precious, Shimano can make it even better.

- Clean cockpit: the wireless connection improves the aerodynamic effect and facilitates maintenance
- Unmatched ergonomics, refined with feedback from professionals
- Raised handguard improves ergonomics
- Optimized brake control
- Lighter and smoother lever action
- Optimized modulation thanks to a larger braking control area
- Compatible with wired and wireless connection
- Available for additional satellite shift controls
- High electronic energy efficiency
- 1.5 to 2 years of battery life with easy-to-replace CR1632 shifter batteries

Front rear calipers for SHIMANO ULTEGRA BR-R8170-F and BR-R8170-R hydraulic disc brakes
The new ULTEGRA BR-R8170 calipers offer better modulation, a quieter braking system and an easier bleeding process than ever.
ULTEGRA R8170 disc brake calipers bring new levels of control to the world of road cycling with improved modulation and a faster initial braking point. Despite their smaller build, the system is quieter than ever and easier to maintain.

- Pad clearance increased by 10% reduces brake noise
- Low maintenance purge procedure

SHIMANO SHADOW RD 2x12-speed SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 RD-R8150 derailleur
Now simplified with a single derailleur cage length, the new Shimano ULTEGRA R8150 12v is the fastest and most precise shifting on the market in a more accessible version.
With the fastest and most precise derailleur on the market, the new ULTEGRA R8150 12v derailleur is more versatile than ever, thanks to a single cage length option compatible with min. 28-34D.

- Faster shifting than ever, 58% faster than RD-R9150
- Compact design includes a built-in wireless unit, charger and switch
- LED status indicator, Battery indicator
- Pairing
- Adjustment modes, etc.
- Wider range of ratios
- Max min. sprocket: 34T

SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 FD-R8150 front derailleur 2x12v
More compact and faster than ever, the ULTEGRA R8150 derailleur performs digitally precise chainring shifts in any conditions.
By pairing SHIMANO's new Di2 platform with the road incarnation of HYPERGLIDE+, the ULTEGRA R8150 derailleur shifts between chainrings with the fastest, smoothest action on the market.

- Faster chainring change than ever, 45% faster than FD-R9150
- Smaller, more aerodynamic, lighter
- Frontal area reduced by 33%
- Weight reduced to 116 g
- Maximum crown toothing: 50-54T

Cassette sprocket 11-30T SHIMANO ULTEGRA 12-speed HYPERGLIDE+ CS-R8100-12
The ultra-smooth experience of the 12-speed ULTEGRA R8100 range allows you to climb hills, sprint and go long distances without stopping to think about the next gear change.
Even during maximum efforts uphill or racing with a friend, it is no longer necessary to reduce the pressure on the pedals to change gear. In any gear, the transmissions

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